Check out the Short Bus! Check here for the on-going saga of the short bus as we photo document its life with us.

05/15/2007 - While the Shortbus Mobile Systems project has grown stagnant, it is not dead. However, the bus itself is.
We are on the lookout for a new vehicle with which to develop for.

Everyone, Gutting the Bus
More Gutting
Brandon, Gutting
More Brandon, Gutting
Brandon and Arthur, Gutting
More Brandon and Arthur, Gutting
Brandon, Up close
Brandon and John, Gutting
The bus, all open
Opened bus, left side
David, up on it
The bus, from the front
The Bus, front left
Captain's Seat
Upper front, entry area
Empty bus, after the gutting
More of the empty insides
Up front, Close
Right Profile
Right rear profile
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